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For schools

Making visibility a habit.

Safety and visibility are important topics that can be discussed in a fun and exciting way. We’ve put together some documents and various information posters for you as a teacher.

Our offering includes three different, complementary files and information posters. These files can be used digitally or in print form in the classroom. In particular, the interactive quiz is ideal for solving problems together in the classroom. You can use all the files or individual parts of them – we leave that up to you, of course.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail. We value your feedback.


Learning files

File 1 – Knowledge

visibility on the way to school.

Here you’ll find explanations on the topic of visibility and various facts about the subtopics: darkness in winter, our eyes, reflectors, braking distances of cars.

PDF to download

File 2 – Exercises

classroom experiments.

This file contains various experiments and exercises to actively learn about visibility and its consequences.

PDF to download

File 3 – Quiz

Learning by playing:
the visibility quiz.

The quiz lets you know how well the children have understood the topic. The aim is to convey knowledge in a fun way. We offer you two options for this:

  1. Online quiz: the interactive online quiz is ideal for solving problems together in the classroom.
  2. PDF: you can print out the PDF of the quiz and hand it out to the children as homework.
Information posters

Even the brightest of us can sometimes forget things. Our information posters make sure you’ll remember.

Generali initiative poster skater
Generali initiative poster family
Generali initiative poster sport
Generali initiative poster bike