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Adjust your speed.

This applies in particular when you’re in your car. But bikes and scooters should also be slow-paced in winter.

Keep your headlights clean.

The cleaner your headlights are, the brighter they shine. It pays to have an obsession with cleaning in winter – for the sake of everyone’s visibility and safety.

Stand out even at dusk.

Visibility isn’t just important at night. In the dark, the risk of accidents is around twice as high as during the day. So think about how to make yourself stand out in the morning and late afternoon in the darker times of the year.

Help your child to shine.

Decorating your jacket, helmet, bike or school backpack with reflective stickers is a lot of fun. It also increases your child’s safety and visibility.

Luminous on arms and legs.

Movement can be seen: putting reflectors on your arms and legs increases your visibility particularly well. This increases the detection distance by four to five times.

On your bike:
more light for more safety.

The law says that bikes must have two stationary lights (white at the front, red at the back) and reflectors when it’s dark. We also recommend brightly coloured clothing and reflectors on the body, helmet and spokes.

Light up when doing sports.

Even when it’s dark, people don’t have to stop enjoying outdoor sports. There’s a wide selection of bright sportswear with integrated reflectors and many additional accessories. Keep this in mind when you leave the house.

Clothing: brighter is better.

When you’re on the move in the dark wearing brightly coloured clothing, you can be seen from twice the distance than if you were wearing dark-coloured clothing. If you have reflectors on your arms and feet, you can be seen from at least four to five times the distance.