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Benjamin, 4 years old

Lights are fun.

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I love playing outdoors with my friends. Recently, my parents bought me clothes in my favourite colour, green. They say it makes me safer on the move and I can be noticed.

My parents explained to me that in winter it gets dark early. Then people can’t be seen so easily and we only recognise others in traffic very late. My dad and I put reflective stickers on my jacket together. They help me stand out when I’m riding my scooter outside my house or playing tag with my friends.

What’s important when I’m on the move.

If I wear bright colours, luminous stickers or lights, then people can see me much better. This means that drivers can brake in good time, for example. It’s also important for me to always look left and right carefully when I want to use the zebra crossing. I can only go when the road is clear or the cars have stopped. I’m not allowed to race on the street. I’m only allowed to do it in front of my house or on the field.

I make myself seen!

Reflective stickers ensure optimal visibility when I’m on the move and also look great.

Better safe than sorry.

Additional mobile lights make my scooter even safer.


Tips to teach children how to behave properly in traffic.

Children are smaller than adults, which makes them easier for vehicle drivers to fail to spot. In addition, children’s awareness of dangers only develops fully between the ages of 8 and 10. That’s why it’s very important for you as an adult to be a good role model, teach your kids the correct behaviour and set an example.

You can find some valuable tips here.

My checklist for more visibility:

  • Can I be seen well?
  • Is my light working?
  • Is my helmet luminous at the front and back?