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Thierry, 42 years old

You can help me to see you early.

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I’m a doctor and work in a hospital. My shifts are at different hours of the day. I often drive when it’s dusk or already dark. If you can make yourself visible, you’re doing me a big favour.

On my way to work, sometimes I find the streets empty. On other days, I’m travelling during the rush hour. After a long shift at the hospital, I take extra care. But it’s not always easy. In the dark and with rain or snowfall too, my view is severely restricted. For example, if a pedestrian wearing black clothes walks across the street without lights or reflectors, I only see them very late.

It’s best to wear lights and reflectors.

For me as a motorist, other road users should ideally be very conspicuous, whether with neon-coloured clothing, lights or reflectors. I prefer it when everything is as visible as possible. Then I can spot a cyclist or pedestrian from around 140 metres away, giving me enough time to adjust and react quickly enough. This is important to me because I already have to deal with accidents and their consequences often enough in my job.

Poor visibility while driving.

As a pedestrian in darkness and in bad weather, you can only be seen at close quarters unless you make yourself visible. This video demonstrates this remarkably well.

My checklist for more visibility:

  • Are my headlights and windows clean?
  • Do I feel alert?
  • What are the visibility conditions like?