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Tadesse Abraham,
39 years old

Reflectors are more important than gold medals.

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I’m the fastest marathon runner in Switzerland and I cover countless kilometres every year. Of course, I focus on putting my strengths to good use and reaching my goals. But there’s another important aspect of training: safety.

Races take place on closed roads. But when I’m training, I use open roads, paths or forest trails. I can’t influence the weather or the view. That’s why I have to adapt – especially in winter.


“For me as a professional, it’s important to fully concentrate on my performance while running. When I know I’m clearly visible, this gives me more focus.”

Lights are as much a part of your kit as your smartwatch.

As well as good running shoes, breathable clothing and a watch that measures my performance and heart rate, lights and reflectors are part of my kit. Depending on the time of day and the weather, I carry the following equipment:

  • my ultralight reflective vest
  • a cap with a light
  • reflectors on my arms and legs
  • a headlamp

Visibility while jogging: find the right kit.

A huge range of bright sportswear and reflectors is available nowadays, from classic bands for arms and legs to accessories such as hats and belts and luminous vests and fully reflective jackets. It’s good to find out for yourself what’s best for you.

My checklist for more visibility:

  • Do I have reflectors on my arms and legs?
  • Are the reflectors on my running shoes clean?
  • Is my luminous vest always ready for use?