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Tina, 38 years old,
and Rocky

Safety is vital to us.

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I have a hectic office job. That’s why my jogging miles are so important to me after a hard day at the office. Twice a week, I take a run in my local wood with my labrador Rocky. It does me a lot of good.

We’ve been doing this regularly for two years. When the first winter arrived, I considered giving up. But with the right breathing technique, layered clothing and accessories to make us visible, we’re optimally equipped.

We keep ourselves fit even in winter.

At first, I needed some time to get used to the darkness. But now it’s really fun. A hat with a light and brightly coloured clothing with reflective elements are basic kit for me. I also bought a luminous vest for Rocky. This means that both of us stand out.

Four-legged friends should also shine.

I protect Rocky too. With a reflective or illuminated collar, vest and reflective lead, he’s always easily spotted.

Movement can be seen.

Putting reflectors on my arms and legs increases my visibility particularly well.


Safety clothing for dogs.

We also recommend luminous clothing and reflectors for dogs. This means you’re also better protected at the other end of the lead. Pet shops stock a wide range of reflective and luminous accessories for your dog.

My checklist for more visibility:

  • Am I dressed visibly enough?
  • Am I visible from all sides?
  • Is my dog also visible?