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Timo, 17 years old

The easiest trick: 360° visibility.

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I live in the city. For me, there’s no better means of transport than my skateboard. I use it to go to school and of course to the skate park at the weekend. The right kit is very important.

I like to be spontaneous and flexible. For example, when skating with my friends, I like to work on my tricks until I’m satisfied. Time ends up passing very quickly and then suddenly it’s evening and dark already. Since I put reflective accessories and cool stickers on my helmet, I’ve always been protected. They mean other road users can recognise me from far away.

Of course, I also skate more cautiously.

As a skateboarder, I share the pavement with pedestrians, cyclists, kids on bikes or scooters and old people. It’s important to show consideration. In darkness or reduced visibility, I skate even more cautiously. It’s a matter of respect.

Don’t lose your head.

Although it's not required by law, a well-fitting helmet with reflective elements is still very important for my safety.

Shine from the outside.

There’s now a huge range of reflective accessories that also look really cool. The main thing is that I’m visible!


Skateboards, inline skates, scooters: these are the rules.

So-called vehicle-like devices are allowed on pavements, in pedestrian zones, on cycle paths and minor roads with light traffic. We recommend a helmet, elbow and knee pads and – for good visibility – two stationary lights, white at the front and red at the back, as well as reflectors.

My checklist for more visibility:

  • Am I dressed visibly enough?
  • Am I visible from all sides?
  • Am I equipped for the dark?