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Lea, 9 years old

I play it safe – even when I’m cycling.

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I prefer to ride my bike to school. When my parents bought me a new bike last year, they also gave me a high-visibility vest, reflectors and lights. They make me feel safer when I’m on the move.

Using my bike gives me more speed and flexibility than walking. I can go for a music lesson or visit a friend after school. But in winter, riding a bike becomes a bit more difficult. For example, when it’s cold, I need gloves. Also, it often hasn’t got light yet in the morning when I ride to school. And it’s already getting dark by the late afternoon.

This is how I make myself visible.

I always have my vest with me. It’s especially important for my visibility at dawn or when it’s dark or foggy. The reflectors on the spokes and the luminous stickers on my helmet are also practical: they go everywhere with me.

Better safe than sorry.

Extra reflectors on the spokes give me even more visibility and make me shine.

I make myself seen.

Bright and reflective luminous vests ensure optimal visibility when I’m on the move.

I stand out.

Reflectors on my helmet and on my arms and legs also help me stand out and shine.


When visibility is low, I ride even more carefully.

At dusk, in the dark, in fog, rain and snow, car drivers have even poorer visibility. That’s why I adapt my riding style and go more slowly. My mum always says it’s never good to be stressed – especially in road traffic.

Which lights do I need on my bike?

Stationary, non-flashing lights, white at the front and red at the back, permanently attached or detachable are required. They must be visible at a distance of 100 metres at night in good weather. Lights on the bike are also recommended in daylight. You can mount additional light sources such as reflectors on your bike or wear them yourself, for example on your arms and legs, your bags or backpack. This makes you clearly visible from all sides.

My checklist for more visibility:

  • Am I dressed visibly enough?
  • Are my lights all working?
  • Am I visible from all sides?